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on the road to development Arab human resource

ITC is an Arab professional corporation concerned with designing, preparing and implementing training programs. It also provides engineering, accounting and administrative consultancies, feasibility studies and restructuring for privatization process.

ITC was founded to participate in the development of Arab human resources, as we believe in the efficiency of the Arab human being and his ability to overcome his problems to build his future. So, our objective is to improve his performance by providing him with professional skills and, through outstanding professional training and consultancies, to create Arab staff capable of managing our Arab organizations and establishments with high efficiency, especially in the current climate of continuing international changes and challenges.

The technique of ITC in training depends on interaction and knowledge transfer between the trainee and the trainees themselves through the actual participation and exchange of opinions. In addition, the center has an outstanding group of scientific and professional experts able to design and carry out training programs in various fields at different administrative levels.

The existence of a comprehensive library to serve the training process in various fields helps us develop our programs and adapt them to the recent techniques in training and developing human resources. This is in addition to the production of training films and audio-visual aids needed.

Moreover, we have a number of training halls, well equipped with modern audio-visual aids and high standard TV services.

There are tow kinds of programs offered by ITC:
Central programs:
These programs are included in the annual plan according to defined dates and places. These programs are sent at the beginning of each year to the concerned agencies in all parts of the Arab world. Programs of this series are conducted to nominations received.

Tailored programs: http://www.itc-eg.com.eg/up.gif
Due to the fact that annual plan cannot cover all the programs in different fields of activities or the dates and location of the planned programs may not be suitable for some establishments, tailored programs may be contracted with the customer to meet his needs and requirements.

Duration of programs: http://www.itc-eg.com.eg/up.gif
Duration of the programs ranges from one week (5 work days) to 4 weeks (twenty work days). In addition, the center has qualifying programs (for diplomas) which duration ranges from 8 weeks to 24 weeks according to needs.

Our training programs cover all the specializations needed such as business administration, supervisory and managerial skills for different administrative levels. Examples of such programs are:

• Leading and behavioral skills
• Different branches of accounting
• Financing, financial management and investment
• Use of computer in the various administrative accounting and engineering fields
• Privatization and restructuring
• Specialized engineering and technical programs.